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West Huntsville is a community of believers focused on Jesus Christ and intentionally committed to loving our neighbors.

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What we do

At West Huntsville we are all about making disciples who make disciples. This is our focus and drives all that we do.

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Why we do it

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands us to "go and make disciples." We desire to make disciples because we want to follow in Jesus' footsteps.

How |

How we do it

Walk with God | Encourage One Another | Serve Others | Train Leaders


At West Huntsville we go about making disciples through what we call the WEST strategy. This approach is the template by which we plan and execute all that happens at West Huntsville.

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West Huntsville Baptist church was organized. J.A. Eaves was elected as the first pastor and B.L. Tipps was elected as the sexton. The people of West Huntsville began meeting in a building on 7th Avenue that continues currently to serve as a residence.


During C.L. Culpepper's ministry, the property at the corner of 8th Avenue and Triana Boulevard was purchased and a new wooden building was built.


The wooden church building burned. The people of West Huntsville banded together under the leadership of J. Vernon Rich and completed building a new stone structure only four months later.


Worship services were held in the stone church building until the present worship center was dedicated. Cecil O’Rear was pastoring at this time.


The North Educational Building was built during the time that Sam Wolfe served as pastor.


The South Educational Building was completed when Max Barton served as pastor.


Scott Gossett became the pastor and has been used of God to guide WHBC to be a "Worshiping Church" and a "Giving Church."


The Lord impressed Pastor Scott that WHBC should be debt free. At that time WHBC had outstanding building debt of $125,000. In just a few months, the debt was paid and since then West Huntsville has experienced the rain of God's blessing.


West Huntsville has upgraded the buildings and has intensified its efforts to make disciples here in Huntsville and around the world.


Many have been saved and discipled at West Huntsville. God has blessed us   through the years. Because of its location near Redstone Arsenal, the WHBC family has ministered to people from all over the world, and has sent out missionaries and members to all parts of the globe. We believe in a bright future that is more glorious than the past and that God will continue to use WHBC in the salvation of souls, in the edification of the saints and the spreading of the Gospel throughout the world - disciples making disciples. We invite you to become a part of this exciting ministry.

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